Distance in kilometers from Havana to Cuba's leading tourist destinations:  
Bus or guaguas

represents the means of transport used by the Cubans.

Unfortunately, lack of fuel and the lack of resources, sheds and consequences, which have many people in long lines en waiting for this precious transport, in order to go from one side to anothercity, either for work or management we want to do.

For two agencies conectarciudades or flame provinciasexisten VIAZUL and ASTRO bus.

For those traveling on the bus VIAZUL we suggest you bring something to the cold because the air conditioning is very strong.

The cost of the ticket is higher than VIAZUL ASTRO and paid in CUCs, because they have more modern buses

While Cubans travel by ASTRO .and the cost is affordable but in local currency.
The bus in Havana are distinguished by VIAZUL and ASTRO, see the page VIAZUL

Train - Cuba's railway network covers most of the island,it would be one way trip where you can enjoy the scenery of Cuba and its lush vegetation.

The main line that connects Havana to Santiago de Cuba.serves to connect the capitals of provinces that have along that stretch and is very reliable trip.

Havana-Pinar del Rio line is one of the slowest in the country.

To purchase the ticket you must present your passport and must be present at the station at least one hour before departure.
Car Rent

is the best way to get around the islandmainly on the roads ;and highways of Cuba, but traffic outside the provincial capitals it is practically nil compared to standard traffic from other cities.

Moreover, with the rental car you can visit all the places and resorts that public service does not come.
You need to pay attention to traffic lights or traffic lightswhich are located mostly above the street as well as at level crossings marked by a large but no bar X.
Among the many obstacles on roads are cyclists with reckless behavior to speak and pedestrians along the road and the edge it waiting for the ;opportunity to cross to the other side.

On motorways you will find vendors who meet all kinds of products including (cheese, guava bars, fruits and many more).
It is not advisable to drive at night because of the lack of street lighting along the streets and avenues where bicycles become potential danger.


there are a variety shape and size. there are different types.

There is a government agency taxi with the name Cubataxi which has a fleet of modern taxis that cost is cuc, serving tourism and a small part with older serving thepopulation cars and the cost is in Cuban pesos

Cuba also has private taxis are taxi driver to give an improved relative to other taxis negotiate price and you can even travel between provinces,private taxi drivers can pay for their services in Cuban pesos or CUC.We also have collective taxis and the cost is 10 national pesos currency fixed lines and is leaving and taking passengers throughout the journeybut for tourists who want to use this service that is more varato you can pay in cuc that the cost is 50 centsThere are also state long distance taxis, which is only found in tourist centers and especially in Havana.

Biki taxi, taxi y coco taxi

bicycle taxis or bike taxi is a three-wheeled bicycle with space for two passengers, in the city There are many bike taxi, the cost is similar to taxis for tourists.
In Havana, Varadero and Santiago offers the coco taxi, a kind of motorcycle cover a yellow ballIt gives you the feeling of not travel very safe, but the trip is enjoyed.
Cuban aviation, domestic flights are an alternative more interprovincial transport in Cuba, but the quality and resources earmarked for this service is not good, most domestic flights are made with very old turboprop aircraft of Russian nationality is older aircraft .


the Isle of Youth is connected to the coast of Havana by , ferry, boat or catamaran and its duration is 6 and 2 hours of travel.
around the island of youth also it exists many keys including the most important for its tourist destination and is called (Key Largo) and can only be reached by plane.


Bicicletas y ciclomotores

Motorcycles and Cuba is a very common means of transport in the streets of the cities of Cuba, also bicycles flood the streets with a Chinese predominate model.

Auto stop

Auto stop - for Cubans Auto stop a practice that that is done throughout the countrymuch needed to move from one place to another without the need to wait for the bus serviceservice due to the scarcity of resources the government can not maintain and exercise the stop orderthe government has created a trained staff to stop government cars passing empty and fill them with the staff waiting for a busthe government has created a trained staff to stop government cars passing empty and fill them with the staff waiting for a busthis explains this explains the presence of so many people along the edge the streetsand avenues or under overpasses or (bridges)from the main roads and highways of the island.

Nelson's casa particular old Havana 14 Comments Published on 2018-12-11

Casa particular Excelente

Recomendamos que los viajeros visiten la Habana y que se queden en la casa de Nelson y Sonia. Han hecho que nuestra estancia en Cuba haya sido especial. Intentan ayudarte en todo lo que pueden, recomiendan sitios, te guían en tu recorrido por la isla... son encantadores. Asimismo, las habitaciones (ya que nosotros hemos estado en dos de las que ofrecen) están en perfecto estado, limpias y tienen todo lo necesario. Además, los desayunos que nos preparaban eran muy completos y riquísimos. La verdad es que no tenemos nada negativo que decir de nuestra estancia en la Habana. Muy recomendable!!

Maialen Pérez Markotegi da España, España
Particular House V&V - Old Havana 8 Comments Published on 2018-12-02

Recomendadisimo, muy agradecidos

El hogar de Manuel y Mercedes tiene de todo lo necesario para una estancia inolvidable, comodida, ricos desyaunos, muy buena ubicación en un barrio tradicional y muy seguro. Por si eso fuera poco, tiene mucho cariño y un trato incomparable, todo eso junto a una conversa amistosa. No lo pensariamos dos veces al volver por la Habana en quedarnos en este hogar.

Claudia y Alberto, Chile
Particular House V&V - Old Havana 8 Comments Published on 2018-12-01


Nuestros últimos días en Cuba no habrían sido lo mismo sino hubiésemos compartido con Manuel y Mercedes. Un hogar con todo lo necesario para una estancia plena en la histórica ciudad de la Habana. Las conversaciones y la fraternidad no tienen precio y si lo tuvieran serían impagables. Quedamos con muchas ganas de volver e invitamos otras personas de viaje a elegir el hospedaje que amablemente les espera con una muy buena ubicación y con un ambiente inigualable. Cuando volvamos sin duda pasaremos, ya sea a saludar o a quedarnos.

Claudia, Chile
Particular House V&V - Old Havana 8 Comments Published on 2018-12-01


Una estancia sin comparación. Las cosas que busca cualquier viajero están presentes, comodidad, buena ubicación, rica comida al desayuno y un trato inigualable. La fraternidad y cariño de Manuel y Mercedes serán parte de los momentos difíciles de olvidar de este viaje. Ya pensamos en volver a Cuba y sin duda pasaremos de nuevo a saludar y si es posible a quedarnos.

Claudia y Alberto, Chile
Particular House V&V - Old Havana 8 Comments Published on 2018-11-13

Vacaciones inolvidable

Estas vacaciones fueron inolvidable, a mi llegada a la casa, mi primera impresión fue estupenda cuando Manuel el dueño de la casa me recibió con una alegría como si fuéramos familia y así mismo nos trataron durante nuestra estancia en su casa, Mercedes su esposa nos preparó un exquisito desayuno y pude conectarme con mi familia por wifi gratis, créanme fue una estancia inolvidable.

Joseph, España
Casa Colonial Nilvia Santiago de Cuba 1 Comments Published on 2018-11-11

Casa excelente

Excelente casa colonial en el centro de la ciudad de Santiago de Cuba. Las habitaciones son amplias, limpias, frescas y seguras. Los desayunos y las cenas son excelentes. La recomiendo a todos los turistas.

David Maceira, República Dominicana
House in rent Santiago Caribens Tropical 1 Comments Published on 2017-01-22

Se la recomiendo a todos

La casa es bonita y centrica . recomendada

Juan Mexico
House in rent Georgina Trinidad 1 Comments Published on 2018-07-21

Recomiendo esta casa particular


francisco escribano talavera, España
bnb yamile aloja trinidad rent 1 Comments Published on 2017-01-20

Excelente Hostal

la casa se encuentra cerca del Centro de la Ciudad, pasamos dias muy lindo

Casa particular Lyosman Trinidad 1 Comments Published on 2016-11-07

magnifica casa e splendidi i proprietari

Consiglio sicuramente questa casa, in assoluto la miglore casa dove siamo stati a Cuba, i proprietari sono serissimi e le colazioni abbondanti , la consiglio

rooms for rent yuisi Punta Gorda 1 Comments Published on 2017-04-30

casa particular impia, comidas abundantes y ubicación central

La casa fue una revelación, limpia, comidas abundantes y ubicación central. recomendada

Yaima Rodriguez
Casa Particular Jose Arteaga Cienfuegos 1 Comments Published on 2016-11-07

alojamiento especial en la ciudad de Cienfuegos, Cuba

estuve muy bien en esta casa, el dueno es un medico muy amable. gracias

Andrea Mori
Liliana casa particular Soroa 1 Comments Published on 2016-10-17

Hermoso lugar , casa particular muy limpia

Yo visite el lugar y es sin lugar a duda un lugar expectacular donde sus anfitriones te hacen sentir en un ambiente familiar, el lugar esta lleno de confort y disfrutas de la natureleza al maximo, esquisitos en la limpieza. El sason de Liliana algo inigualable..rico sason cubano. Les aconsejo visiten el Hostal La Coloneal Soroa, Es un lugar para recordar y volver a visitar.

Claribel Gimenez, Estados Unidos
Casa Particular Mej Varadero 1 Comments Published on 2016-05-31

Inolvidables dias en Varadero

Varadero es segun mi experiencia personal una de las playas mas hermosas del Caribe. En mi estancia alli, estuve hospedado en este apartamento y el servicio fue explendido.

Alberto Quesada, Argentina