01.- What do you need for your trip to Cuba, what to do?
02.- remember that in your visa the address of the house where you will reserve should appear
03. What is the best time or time to travel to Cuba?

04 .- Where better to stay in hotel or private home?
05.- Why stay home family?
06.- How to pay the private house?
07. How many people can stay in a room for rent?
08.- How much could cost a room or an apartment in Cuba?
09. How to recognize a house with rental license?

10. What should I do upon arrival at the airport in Cuba?
11. How do I get to the house I have rented from the airport?
12. What currency the house is paid in Cuba?



13. How do I move throughout Cuba? -Train Tickets - Auto Rental - Bus.
14.- About taxis and displacement in cities
15. Excursions from Havana how far the place of your preference?
16.- near Havana where I recommend to go?
17. What if a hurricane happens?



18. Eating in Cuba?
19.- Phone in Cuba, Calling does my mobile or cell?
20. What I can give to the Cubans?
21.- Cuba Sex
22. What is in Cuba / a "jinetero / a"?
23.- What is harassment to tourists?
24. What should I know? - SECURITY
25. Who should I go to Cuba if I need anything?
26.- Palacio de Congresos? I stay?

 01.-What you need for your trip to Cuba, what to do?

- Buy an airline ticket, you can do this from our website or go to the most cost airline and request
- Apply for a visa or tourist card and travel insurance mandatory.
Read how and where by clicking here

- Make reservations in the menu on the web you can see the different cities and houses, we offer nationwide. Choose the city and the house of your liking and set aside.
Send flight data because the houses need to confirm and ensure your reservation and availability as the availability of houses can change in a matter of minutes.

If you need advice write to Diego or Alejandro

- Prepare your luggage. Know that comes from tropical country vacation to Cuba That lead

- You should know what is allowed to enter through customs - Permitted and prohibited

- Bring money and desire to have fun, always knowing that the Cuban currency to be used is the cuc

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02.- remember that in your visa the address of the house where you will reserve should appear

- There are countries in the world that do not need to register to enter the country, but Cuba is very strict when receiving a tourist, since Cuban immigration is to have

controlled the entrance output and accommodation of all tourists arriving in the island because in this way if any weather disaster or medical alerts occur, knows where to

locate tourists and be able to evacuate in a safe place and avoid any risk of injury or loss of life, which is why we emphasize that they should always rent houses legal, as

they are published on our website,
if no legal income households incurred undelito and it can be fined up to 1500 cuc.

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03. What is the best time or time to travel to Cuba?

Cuba has a moderate subtropical climate. Due to its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer and the long narrow configuration of the archipelago, during winter receives the action of the trade winds and the influence of cold air masses from the north

When in Cuba enjoyed the entrance of a cold front quickly we Cubans and foreign clothing appropriate for these atmospheric events use.
 Western Cuba is the least hot of the island its temperature ranges between 33 and 34 degrees in summer, but the relative humidity of the island is very high and gives a feeling of higher temperature, in winter the day temperature is very cool and at night on isolated occasions descends between 12 and 15 degrees.

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04 .- Where better to stay in hotel or private home?

 If you wish, you can make a reservation of hotel and spend your holiday there, but if you want to know Cuba its roots, customs and people, must stay in a private home and when you return from your vacation you can say that met Cuba, so you can save a lot of money, if you need it is to have privacy without requesting a private apartment owners

The apartments and private rooms are a legal business in Cuba, the government only grants license owners who have an irreproachable behavior and a house in good condition for tourism.

Click the city you want to book on the top menu and see features and booking forms.

You can also reach us via email, with our representative and discuss your needs and preferences and we will take care of your entire trip.

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05.- Why stay home family?

For tourists who have never traveled to the island of Cuba, they find it difficult option to live in a house of Cuban family because they think that they will be deprived of its independence and is not.

Families who have the privilege of obtaining a special license to stay for a tourist try to give the best service to their guest to not notice the difference between your home and the rented house because it respects their customs, only they offer your company, if you want it, but will always available and very worried, willing to advise and inform you of what you need and can trust freely.

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06.- How to pay the private house?

- Payment of the house or room is made to reach it and its cost is in CUC, click here to see the currency exchange

- Our service is completely free and is based on mutual trust

-Execto Some house in Varadero, Guanabo or house with pool usually ask for a deposit to guarantee the reservation and send it directly to the owners of the house.

'I asked if you are not going to use the confirmed reservation for any reason you contact us and cancel the requested service in order to make available the room so that owners can rent it to someone else because they pay high taxes received or not tourists.

'You can change your money or get your card in countless CADECAs (exchange houses), banks and hotels throughout Cuba, upon arrival in Cuba has an open CADECAs at the airport 24 hours

- Cuban companions / as: The law lease in Cuba allows you to receive visits and hosting citizens / as in a private house (double room), as long as their identity documents are properly updated and persons under prohibits age.

The houses that allow this type of housing is reflected in the description of each house, other houses only allow marriages between Cubans and foreigners staying and other houses do not allow any visitors.

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07. How many people can stay in a room for rent?

The price of a room includes 2 adults and a child under 16 years.

The cost of a room increases if the number of people is greater than 2 that are all adults and the room has the capacity to accommodate several people, must apply when completing the form.

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08.- How much could cost a room or an apartment in Cuba?

To exercise room rent for foreigners must apply for a license which has to pay high taxes in cuc.
This tax varies with the amount of room that is rented, its amenities, its location, common areas such as living room, terrace etc. tax takes into account the area and the street.

Prices are set not by people Breakfast.

The price reflects the quality of accommodation, since no stars like hotels are granted but in every house Published prices are the real and only discounts are made for long stays and payment is due upon arrival to the room.

Because of high taxes it is that tenants are unable to do great even for long stays

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09. How to recognize a house with rental license?

Apartments and authorized to hire foreign houses have a distinctive blue as I capital somewhere in the front of the house and this must be clearly visible (see the homepage of our website) and an official book registration and hotels, where you must sign upon arrival, later to carry immigration and its official report to the government of Cuba arrival.

Be very careful if you are staying in unauthorized houses, you are committing a felony punishable by Cuban laws and stay home if you want your boyfriend / girlfriend make the request to immigration first.

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10. What should I do upon arrival at the airport in Cuba?

If you search well you will find on our website all the information you need is reflected here, just go to TRAMITES and you can learn everything you have to be ready when getting off the plane.

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11. How do I get to the house I have rented from the airport?

 In Cuba it is prohibited private taxis pick up tourists at the airport, are only entitled to this service agency taxi qualified and their driver dominate the English language government and can request the service by simply stopping at the airport gate and look to your left, you will see a long line of these taxis. Havana is located 25 kilometers and the cost of servicing these taxis range from 25 to 30

On our website we offer a pick up with official taxis and experienced taxi driver who also dominate the English language, this service has a fixed 25 cuc the airport a fee to any part of the less guanabo capital has a rate of 45 cuc.

If you request this service gives you the assurance arrive safely and directly to the house you rented, as the taxi driver waiting with a sign with your name and also the data of the house, this guarantees tenants you arrive home, otherwise you risk that other taxi drivers deviate from their reservation, ofertándoles other houses.
Print our advice and read them before arriving, they are very useful: Tips

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12. What currency the house is paid in Cuba?

In Cuba you pay everything in cuc currency to be acquired in just 3 places (CADECAs, BANK AND HOTELS) distributed throughout Cuba, upon arrival it has an open CADECAs 24 hours at the airport

In Cuba no current currency, there execto the CUC

See the coins are changed in Cuba and the exchange rate

Not all types of coins that there are changed in Cuba and the US dollar has an additional charge.

For some things like buying fruits or vegetables in markets, cinema, theater etc. called the Cuban peso (national currency), equivalent 24 Cuban pesos (national currency) to 1 cuc used. For one euro you get about 1.40 CUC or 37 Cuban pesos.

There are products such as ice cream in "Coppelia" charged in CUC tourists and Cubans in Cuban pesos. The entrance to nightclubs can also be collected in different currencies, as if Cuban or foreign - The CUC

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13. How do I move throughout Cuba? -Train Tickets - Auto Rental - Bus.

Avión.- you can book air tickets between cities in Cuba than through our website, more information and reservations ....
Tren.- is very slow and uncomfortable, it is not recommended, better bus Viazul
Car (auto) .- rentals are scarce, you have to book it in advance, can do it through our web with all existing official companies of Cuba, with all warranties and unless price from Cuba, more information and reservations ...
Autobús.- is the most recommended and economic agencies There is a very modern and comfortable buses, with a very safe and timely service. This agency is called VIAZUL and can book online through their website and you can see their routes, schedules, prices and reservations.

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14.- About taxis and displacement in cities

In Cuba, the government only has an agency called Cubataxi and its emblem is located at the back door or front of their cars and have a variety of car models and prices:

1- Cubataxi also has taxis in local currency (Cuban pesos), are yellow and black cars, Lada of Russian nationality and offer services only to Cubans.

2- in this agency you can request the service taxis CUCs (convertible pesos) since his arrival in Cuba at the airport and to any site you visit in Cuba and rates wants are through the taximeter with these taxis. The cars that offer these services are all modern and air-conditioned.

3- Cubataxi also offers a pick up the phone, pick you up at your door at no extra cost

4- Cubataxi has a fixed rate per kilometer is 50 céntimosde cuc, I execto a special service that makes Lada cars Russians with white, with 20% discount

5- Cubataxi taxi has a model called "cocotaxi" Metered and its cost is cuc and have a very tropical yellow model is like a coconut open tip and 3 wheels with 3 seats.

6- private taxis exists in Cuba, paid a license from the government, this taxi service have a variety of cars, ancient and modern in perfect technical condition, which make fixed routes and are collective, with rates ranging from 10 to 20 Cuban pesos, if you want, you can use this service but bears all risks involved.

 7- in other cities or provinces are very cheap taxis services. They are horse-drawn carriages, it is a typical Cuban form of transport very old.
In Havana, Varadero and viñales there is a bus service-tourism, which have 2 models bus, a sawed with air conditioning and other 2-story convertibles in its upper part, where you can sunbathe while enjoying the journey,
this service offers tours of all the most important and sights of each city and you can raise or lower the times you want in one day for the cost of 5 cuc per person.

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15. Excursions from Havana how far the place of your preference?

The best choice for short trips, is through rent a car without a driver, for three days (minimum time income) and can do with Cuban agencies that engage in this type of service with all security, safety and you deserve more confidence in information and reservations ...

If you rent the car can visit the westernmost part of Cuba, including several major tourist destinations such as the complex the site biosphere reserve where you can find rivers, mountains and a good picnic, terrace can a little later visit Soroa , the waterfall and the only orchid that is in Cuba with 500 species, then continues further west and reaches viñales the cradle of snuff, an exceptional place in Cuban nature.

Another option is to visit Matanzas, a beautiful city, located 110 kilometers from Havana and known Varadero Beach, one of the best in the world, beautiful caves where you can swim between stalactites and stalagmites, Coral Beach, and you can make a trip a river boat up to a beautiful picnic area (See top menu Matanzas)

In Matanzas you can dive and water sports. It has a beautiful coral reef (Coral Beach).

You can also make trips of one or more days to neighboring provinces like Cienfuegos. Read our "Cuba travel" on our website. In each city (top menu) is the most interesting to visit tourist sites in each city.

The rental service car rental in Cuba are a bit expensive, plus you can also travel using buses VIAZUL, which are of good quality, especially for tourists and will take you anywhere economically and safely.

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16.- near Havana where I recommend to go?

For the (highway Pinar del Rio) Las Terrazas complex, site of interest is located 50 kilometers by its lush vegetation and rivers listed by UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. following the same path, at kilometer 60 visit Soroa,

with an orchid magnificent and a waterfall (a waterfall) in addition to the castle of clouds, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the Cuban vegetation, following the same road reaches viñales where you can enjoy the birth of snuff, caves, rural landscapes, mountains small hillocks calls etc.

In Havana you can visit real Cuban cigar factories, where you can learn the history and development of this product so precious and harmful to many people.
In San Antonio de los Baños, a town on the outskirts of Havana, you can enjoy a spa near a river.

In Matanzas, you can visit a beautiful city with coral beaches where you can also practice many water sports.

In Matanzas you can also visit guama, where a large lagoon with crocodiles and a simulation of a village of ancient pre-Columbian indigenous inhabitants of the area is located. You can make a great boat ride through the nature reserve watching wild crocodiles and stay in the village Caleton, Playa Larga, a paradise facing the sea.

Trinidad, a colonial city 500 years. With paradisiacal Keys, etc.

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17. What if a hurricane happens?

The hurricane season begins on 1 / July to 30 / November. But you do not pass anything, the Cuban government has created a contingency plan, which takes into account even the smallest detail, in order to avoid human casualties and heavy loss of resources, one of the most important measures is the early evacuation senior citizens and safe places, including all tourists who are in dangerous areas.

When this season looming, the trees are felled, the sewers are cleaned, extreme security measures are taken, it can not circulate on the street, government resources are protected, animals were evacuated in high places, etc. In short you will be well safe and enjoy an unforgettable experience and live to tell the tale.

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18. Eating in Cuba?

In Cuba there are a variety of government and private restaurants, which offer a variety of Cuban dishes and foreign cuisine.

The palates are private restaurants, which offer excellent service and the food is exquisite, but usually a little more expensive than the government in terms liquid, since there are no wholesale stores for purchase wholesale and have to buy at the price the government sells it.

Restaurants government also have a variety of food and prices, have restaurants with unmatched price offer consisting of a strong silver with rice, salad, fried snack, a national liquid and ice cream for dessert, all for a price ranges between 3.50 and 4.00 cuc, these offers are called (magical downloads) and found in restaurants like La Roca, El Cochinito and scree.

If you want to eat in a good restaurant, visit Los Nardos And Asturianito, located in front of the Capitol.

A "agro" is a free market for fruits, vegetables and meat, where you can get these very fresh produce and finish times to harvest, Its cost is in Cuban pesos and can visit if you want to try a well fresh tropical fruit and taste its exquisite sweetness.

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19.- Phone in Cuba, Calling does my mobile or cell?

The mobile and fixed work very well in Cuba and Cubans are very addicted to the phone call.

Internal telephone rates in Cuba are extremely cheap, local and provincial.

However calls from abroad to Cuba or from Cuba abroad are one of the highest in the world.

To call Cuba from abroad you should dial 119 which is the international operator, then 53 is the prefix of Cuba, then dial the area code of the town of Cuba for example, havana is 7 and finally the desired number.

Example call to Havana
119 53 7 and the desired number

If you call provinces, the prefix is ​​
2 dejitos for example:

Viñales example of calling
119 53 48 and the desired number

If you travel with your mobile or cell phone, you can use it in Cuba, because it is automatically linked to the Cuban phone company CUBACELy quickly called this name will appear on your screen, but you should not use it because the rates are very high.

If you call from abroad to a cell of Cuba it is free of cost for Cubans.

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20. What I can give to the Cubans?

You can enter up to 10 kilos Cuba of medicines provided they are in their original boxes.

These items and weight is not included in the other luggage that can enter Cuba.

The main diseases in Cuba are: asthma, blood pressure, flu, intestinal disorders, etc.)

And to the delight of Cuban / as this can bring as perfumes, cosmetics, nail polish, underwear and all kinds of sunglasses, eyeglasses, school supplies for children, etc.

Remember that Cuban / as are extremely clean, take care of their personal hygiene to the extreme, so toothbrushes, toothpaste, cologne, etc., are very useful gifts.

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