Trinity city is known for its constant storage and colonial architecture, where colonial  houses and palaces where reigned ever luxury and extravagance stand just around trinidadevery corner, grabbing the attention of visitors, she is an indisputable relic located in the south of Cuba in Sancti Spiritus province, founded on January 4th, 1514 by Don Diego Velázquez, she exhibits an environmental consistency unaltered by time, turning it into the one of the most conserved of the Caribbean Sea.

Through the cobbled streets Walker meets some beautiful mansions converted into museums as the home of the Sanchez Iznaga (Museum of Architecture), Don Mariano Borrell house (Romantic Museum) Ortiz’s house today History Museum, etc.

Wealthy jewelry, dishes, furniture and linens that still remain attests to the rich economic past that had the villa imported directly from European factories.

Very close to Trinidad, it is found the source of all his former wealth: the Valley of San Luis or Los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills) where thousands of African slaves kneaded with sweat and tears the huge fortunes of the area. Of these sugar plantations, still remain scattered ruins of rustic dwellings blacks, remnants of the stately plantation homes, villas seasonal and central Manacas Iznaga bell.

In the village the caves abound, each with its own history.

There is La Maravillosa (the beautiful), reliving one of the most beautiful legends of the region: India Caucubú and her love for the young man Narido.

Despite the incredibly preserved this city remains, the local mayor does not neglect the  rehabilitation of heritage sites and has gradually assumed a restoration plan for streets and ancient buildings, reprising their original splendor.

The ancient and legendary city was recognized in 1988 by UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE  near the Valley of the Sugar Mills.

Trinidad is located in the province of Sancti Spiritus, south of Cuba and in the center of the island, bounded on the east by the city of the province, on the west by the province of Cienfuegos, on the north of the mountain massif of the Escambray and the waters of Caribbean sea baths the south.
 The urban area of ​​the city occupies 3 km and  half  and has about 60 thousand inhabitants. Its average temperature is 26 degrees Celsius and its relative humidity fluctuates by 74%.
It has several access routes to the city, land, sea and air.
Trinidad was discovered by the Genoese Christopher Columbus in 1494, calling him Manzanilla, then years later in late 1513 Diego Velázquez on its way to the east of Cuba founded the third town near the Bay of Jagua, today belonging to Cienfuegos province, later she was moved to the banks of the river Guaurabo, this happens on January 4th, l514.
The region was populated by Indians and Arauco Tainos from South America, who were farmers-ceramists. Their main food source was fishing, the cassava and harvest.

 She was baptized on February 10th, 1514 by Fray Bartolome de las Casas with the name of Trinidad, there is still the tree where the first Mass was said in the city: the Jigüe.
 Years later it was colonized by mainland families who were engaged in gold mining and farming, sugar cane in the Valley of the Sugar Mills, which came into existence 49 of these factories.
In 1518, it was the place chosen by Hernan Cortes in his conquest to Mexico, and sets sail Guaurabo river with a group of men to reach the Aztec country, leaving the town in the hands of a few Spaniards.
In 1585 she was awarded the title from Trinidad town to Trinidad city, seven years before than Havana city.

The population of the city it is involving among black African slaves that is cheap labor, the few Indians who are subjected to abuse and peninsulars, when it make up an ethnic of mulattoes and Creole.
The sixteenth and early seventeenth was a tough stage decimated by disease and trying to survive the attacks of privateering and piracy that roamed the seas. In 1675 the city was attacked by the privateer John Springe, as well as 1702 by Charles Gant, she was also attacked in the years 1654 and 1642 respectively dedicated to the smuggling of cigar, furs, salted meats and live cattle.
Then sparkled a jewel of wealth and splendor for the numerous activities that were developed by smuggling and English, French and Dutch flags roamed the seas of the Caribbean Sea. Still remain the ruins of the strong Watcher from where boats arriving in the bay were seen.
In 1585 she is visited by Alejandro Humboldt researcher, who sits on the city to carry out their investigations of nature and topography of the area.
The villa blooms in a huge way by cigar plantations, which so were being replaced by the increasing of sugar mills occupying the entire Valley of the Sugar Mills, building beautiful mansions similar as the city,  examples: Guaimaro’s house, Guachinango’s, Manaca Iznaga mansions, etc.
In 1804,  it is completely eliminated the plains of cigar, sugar cane begins being exported to Europe markets, gradually with discrimination logging to keep the plants and depletion of land for cultivation and loss of international market price, sugar, which is replaced by the beet falls into an economic stagnation, in addition to the war of  ten years, farmers move their possessions to the province of Cienfuegos where there are wildlands and a better trade for its bay.
Since early eighteenth century, Trinidad has an emerging sense of nationalism, the idea of ​​the   French Revolution and the example of Simon Bolivar feed the libertarian spirit of the age.
With Narciso Lopez independence currents it is provoked the rebellion of the owner Isidoro Armenteros on July 24th, l851.
After 1868 the territory of Trinity lives deep social economic changes. It is said that the war of independence contributed in a decisive way to concentrations and centralizations of the sugar industry with the timely manner of US money.
There were great independence heroes: Fernando Hernandez Echerri, Isidoro Armenteros, etc.
To Trinidad the beginning of the twentieth century starts with a panorama of desolation and the stagnant trade still remains and migration to other parts of the island it is provoked. In 1919, it is built the railroad in Cuba and in 1936 start the construction of the hospital for tubers in Topes de Collantes to 16 km from the city. The road linking Cienfuegos and Trinidad begins and exists only for domestic tourism attractions ...
However, it remains with high social classes in high school, phoenix and cultural dynamics is supported thanks to the work of the inhabitants of the town with yarey, clay, texture expert weavers and other domestic activities and institutions of  policies and mass organizations.
From 1953 when the assault on the Moncada barracks a new horizon for the Trinidadians glimpse, the beginning of clandestine struggles, in the mountains rebel groups operate, and on December 28th, 1958 it is carry out the taking of Trinidad organized by the Revolution Commanders: Faustino Perez among them.
Subsequently, the city is mixed in the hard struggle against banditry operating in the area, where the revolutionary militias play an important role by removing troops under Cheito Leon Carter, valuable companions also were lost, whose with their courage they entered into the center of the counter-revolution as Alberto Delgado, the literacy teacher Manuel Azcunce, the peasant Pedro Lantigua and so many unsung heroes who gave their lives.
 Trinidad as a vulnerable point for the enemy to be located between the sea and the mountains suffered attack by both the port of Casilda as attacks inside mountains to farmers and people, always breaded by Yankee imperialism.
Coupled with all the passage of time, it is trying to maintain the best image of the city with its cobbled streets, stately palaces and baroque prevail somewhat, as the neoclassical architecture. Within these we have sites which are protected by the Conservation Office of the city.
Facts baptismal say they have made in this church in 1516. It was rebuilt several times because a cyclone caused its devastation and other times it was assaulted by piracy taking the jewels were kept in it. In 1892 it was reopened as currently, settled as one of the most beautiful altars in Cuba. Photo 1 and 2.

We also have other churches in the town.
  • Church of Santa Ana
  • San Francisco de Paula Church built in 1830
  • Ermita de Ntra. Sra. De la Popa between 1710 and 1715Ch
  • urch of Santa Elena 1849 in the town of Casilda 
Squares and small squares.
There are several well-known as the famous Plaza Mayor (Major Square) symbol of the city that faithfully preserves the magic of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, where the whole settlement of the villa is framed.
Other squares: we have the Real del Jigüe where she was baptized Trinidad with her name and the first Mass were officiated, the Tres Palmitas (The three little palms), Plaza de Santa Ana (Santa Ana’s Square), Plaza de las tres Cruces (Three Crosses Square), its name is because there are 3 crosses symbolizing the crucifixion of Jesus with the two thieves, Plaza Segarte (Segarte Square) and  La Plaza de Carrillo (Carrillo’s Square) or Parque Céspedes (Cespedes Park), being the commercial hub of the city.

We will not stop mentioning that Trinidad has had since 1816 his shield with some powers that have been designated.

Romantic Museum.

It is a building of the seventeenth century belonged to the family Álvarez Travieso in 1740 that yields in 1808 to the family of Don Mariano Borrell. A daughter of this house get married with Nicolas de la Cruz and Brunet, both surnames ancestry. It has 13 rooms collections of decorative art, including furniture, clothing, jewelry, and tableware, porcelains and paintings of great renown. Furniture and collections were worked by cabinetmakers of the town.
Cantero Palace or Municipal History Museum. Nearby the Major Plaza, this palace belonged to the family Cantero, built in 1827-1830, it is an example of local architecture and neoclassical decorations murals by Italian artists and also from the town. Its opening as a museum was in 1980.

museum trinidadFight against Bandits Museum (Museo de Lucha contra Bandidos). It was an old Franciscan Monastery from the eighteenth century. A tower that dominates the city is enhanced. In the early twentieth century it became as a public school and it is subsequently converted into a museum where fundamentally independence struggles War 1959-1965 narrates this story of unsung hero Alberto Delgado or the man of Maisinicu who operated against the counterrevolution bands in the Escambray mountains.
Museum of Archaeology: formerly occupied by the Padron family founded in 1976 as a museum, rich jewel of archeology of aboriginal culture in the region by a group of specialists. It have founded pots and utensils of the time of both Spanish colony as slaves mainly in the Sugar Mills Valley and surrounding caves.

Museum of Architecture: it belonged to the Sanchez Iznaga family, it is a significant example of the villa architecture. A testament to the creative efforts of several generations during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Universal Art Gallery or  Ortiz’s House, founded in 1983, she exhibits the work of artists of high significance for the town.

We could cite many places that give beauty and cultural and historical colorful to the city, such as buildings of neoclassical and baroque style as is the house of Malibran, Conspirators’ House, German Alexander von Humboldt’s, Loma’s today Music’s, Rodríguez Altunaga’s today History Archive, Borrell’s today Center of City Restoration.

Dragoons Cavalry Barracks 1844 and 45 today art school, old prison building by 1844, significant by the military architecture of the colonial era.
 Another important site: Cerro de Vigia which the entire city can be seen with the limits of the Caribbean Sea and access routes to the villa, and at the back the famous Valley of the Sugar Mills.

Mountains. We have the famous Escambray mountains surrounding the city with its beauty lush and native flora and fauna, they are also providers of coffee and have beautiful waterfalls like Caburni, Vega Grande, the Batata, Javira.

 There is also the best health recovery Center: the Kurohotel of Topes de Collantes, which was opened in 1954 as a health center for tuberculosis patients.

Valley of the Sugar Mills.
Declared by Unesco World Heritage Site on the same date as Trinity, colonial mansions of the era are preserved as is Manaca Iznaga, Guáimaro which is being recovering to make the Sugar Museum.

Surrounded by beautiful beaches and inlets such as La Boca, Maria Aguilar, Cabagan, etc. and the beautiful Ancon beach with 7 km of white sands. The city has a port for lobster fishing and fish of different species as well as the entrance from large ships to trade.
Nearby is holding several keys that you sail by boat for excursions and fishing.


Trinidad is rich in stories, characters and legends of  long ago as Indian Caucubú who was locked herself in the grotto the Wonderful because of her love for the Indian Narido. A Spaniard man fell in love with her and then she run away to a cave, shutting herself in that place forever.

 Towards the banks of the river surrounded by the meanders there is a poceta where it is said that leaves the Güije little raunchy elf black skin and long braided hair have to tell the stories of Maria Dolores Iznaga black medicine woman, the miraculous cimarrona that heal at their camp other blacks also escaped from the bateyes. The Güije knows that these are its waters, eternal and sacred and that no one ever out of there because there lives the spirit of this pure land of sweat and burning of mixed freedom and rogue language and there will be always the Güije, happy in the poceta.
They say that the Veracruz Christ left the port of Naples in 1613 and he came to stay after a storm lashed the ship, that he treated three times hoisted to the sea and every time he used to try to go to the ocean, he had to return until down the precious cargo, remaining in the main parish church where every Easter loaded shoulders to the three crosses are worshiped.

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